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Uniform Policy

West Mesa Cluster schools expect students and staff to dress in a professional, appropriate manner for the business of education. This Uniform Policy will apply to all students and will be enforced except where there are specific instructional, safety, religious, or medical reasons.

General Requirements:

  • NO gang-related clothing
  • NO sunglasses, hairnets hats or bandanas (hats permitted on the playground ONLY)
  • NO chains or spiked jewelry
  • NO clothing or accessories which promote negative behavior or behavior that is highly disruptive or immodest (profanity, violence, sex, drugs, tobacco, bigotry, disrespect, gangs, etc.)

Modesty Zone

(The area between the knees and shoulders)  Any clothing that does not cover or exposes the body in the "modesty zone" is not permitted.



  • Collared polo shirts, any color, striped or solid (no insignia larger than 3 inches)
  • Spirit shirts ANY day (Chaparral Pride t-shirts)
  • Long Sleeves and Undershirts worn under the polo shirts are OK.


  • Solid Color jeans or uniform pants/slacks - no holes, shred or rips
  • Capris, crop pants and shorts, denim or uniform with no holes, shred or rips.
  • Pants/shorts must not bag or sag below the crotch.  Waistline must fit above the natural hipline.  Underwear must not show.


  • Same guidelines as pants.
  • Shorts must be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee (no short shorts)

Skirts/Jumpers (Girls)

  • Denim or Solid Colors: black, khaki (tan), navy blue
  • Pleated, straight skirt, or skort
  • NO wrap skirts
  • NO shorter than two inches above knee


  • Winter coat/ski jacket
  • Youth sport teams
  • NM professional teams or NM College teams
  • NO professional sports teams


During the fall and winter seasons, clothes must match weather conditions.